Rabbit Food - The Wool Issue

Rabbit Food - The Wool Issue


Welcome to the second issue of Rabbit Food - a new zine exploring the beauty & complexity of veganism. This issue is all about the wool industry and whether it can ever be ethical.

For years, veganism was considered an extreme way of living, but as more people have started realising how damaging the meat & dairy industries are, veganism has grown into a colossal movement rooted in compassion for ourselves, animals & the planet!

This zine will explore the logic behind veganism without guilt tripping or forcing ideas upon the reader. Whether you’re vegan or not, this is an open-minded space designed to illuminate ideas around ethical eating - to help us all be healthier, more compassionate citizens of the planet.

Written & illustrated by Tiffany Francis. Size A6. 12 pages. Printed on recycled paper.

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