Hola Tequila! Our Second Rescue Pup


Life is pretty hectic and exciting at the moment, but I wanted to swing by my blog and post this little update!

Nine months after our first dog Pablo came to live with us, I’m delighted to say that we have now adopted his sister who was found in the same roadside water pipe in Spain! There were three puppies in the litter (one has sadly died since), and in the time since we adopted Pablo, nobody has come forward to take in his little sister. We couldn’t bear it and knew that Pablo would love another dog in the house, so a few months ago we asked to take her too - and she arrived this morning! We have called her Tequila to honour her Hispanic roots.

Having lived in a rescue shelter for several months, she is much more timid than Pablo and isn’t used to living inside, so for the first few hours here she slept off her sedatives under a shady bush in the garden. She has the most beautiful markings (blonde eyebrows!) and stands just a little shorter than Pablo, but with the same smiley chops. Assuming they are full brother and sister, her DNA background can be found here, meaning she is a mixture of chihuahua, German shepherd, Yorkshire terrier and Catalan sheepdog.

We’re so happy she’s here, and we can’t wait to help her settle in and give her the life she deserves. Keep an eye on my Instagram for more updates!