RECIPE: Cashew, Rhubarb & Ginger Pots


I’m delighted to reveal the next recipe in my seasonal column for Thinking Country - the brilliant farming and conservation blog created by my friend Ben Eagle.

Rhubarb is one of my favourite summer vegetables so I couldn’t resist sharing this ridiculously easy recipe now the sun is starting to shine and the mornings are full of birdsong. The beauty of the rhubarb season is that it’s divided in two - and the first part starts now. In early spring, most locally produced rhubarb is known as ‘forced’ rhubarb, which means they are lifted from the soil in winter and grown inside warm, dark sheds to produce pink, succulent stalks. It is thought that if you enter the forcing shed on quiet nights, you can hear the faint creaking noise of the rhubarb as it grows. This indulgent recipe for creamy cashew pudding has been livened up with a squeeze of lemon juice and the crunchy tang of ginger biscuits - perfect for an early spring treat!

The recipe will be available on the Seasonal Recipes section of Thinking Country as soon as Ben gets a free moment - he’s currently in the middle of lambing season and probably lacking sleep!