Rabbit Food: The Honey Issue

Is it just me, or do you find the most exciting ideas come to you when you're already swamped with other projects? I spent the first half of this year finishing my second book Dark Skies, and every day I struggled to remain focused on the task, my mind instead wandering to art projects and writing ideas. One of my favourite ideas started out as a Beginner's Guide to Veganism - I wanted to create a little bundle of information about the logistics of going vegan with health tips, recipes and information about the food industry. But when I started to plan it, I found there was so much to say on going plant-based, that instead I decided to launch my own zine (tiny magazine) series on positive vegan living. I'm now delighted to reveal the first issue of Rabbit Food - available to buy in my shop here!


The idea behind Rabbit Food was to produce a series on the grey areas of veganism. For those who don't know, vegans choose to avoid eating and buying animal products for a number of reasons, most of which focus on human health, animal welfare and protecting the environment. I was vegetarian for five years before going vegan. For most of my life I held the same beliefs about vegans as many people do - that they were all angry, militant idiots who liked arguing for the sake of arguing. Just as many people mistake feminism for man-hating, I assumed all vegans were crazy, and it wasn't until I went vegetarian that I realised veganism was rooted in compassion and love for each other and the planet. 

I stand by the core beliefs of veganism, in that I don't want my choices to lead to the deaths of animals or the destruction of the environment. But beyond these core beliefs there are grey areas, which are usually brought up as soon as people discover you're vegan - What about honey? Isn't soya destructive? Where would all the animals go? - Veganism alone is not an all-healing solution to the world's problems. Just as there are ethical scales around fashion, energy and transport, veganism comes with its own ethical guidelines.

Going vegan was one of the best decisions I've ever made, and I wanted to write and illustrate an inspirational zine - not based on guilt-tripping or horrible photos of abattoirs. I also didn't want to conclude or preach too much in this zine, but lay out all the information and allow the readers to think for themselves. It isn't just for vegans, but all omnivores who care about where their food comes from and the story behind our meals. 

Each issue will be focused on a different 'grey area' in plant-based living, and the first is all about honey. It's 12 pages long and A6 size, printed on recycled paper and delivered in all recyclable packaging. I will also soon be opening a subscription service for Rabbit Food, which will be published every two months. 

For every issue sold of Rabbit Food, I will also be donating 50p to an environmental charity. The charity for 'The Honey Issue' is Friends of the Earth for their Bee Cause campaign.

Buy your copy of Rabbit Food here!