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'A handy photographic guide to locating, identifying and preparing wild foods... perfect for families and amateur naturalists keen to hone their foraging skills.'
- Vegetarian Living

My first book is all about foraging wild food and embracing the countryside, something I am passionate to share with everyone. In my experience, foraging can often seem intimidating to beginners, but in reality it can be an adventure for friends and family at any age. I wanted to present it as a relaxed and rounded hobby that takes you outdoors into the British countryside, and ends with something delicious on the kitchen table.

I really wanted to celebrate the hobby as a new way to engage with the natural world, so there are also sections on different habitats, what wildlife you can spot, folklore and mythology, my own illustrations, photos and a selection of tested recipes at the back. I think the best thing about foraging is that it can unite everyone though a shared love of food, so even if you are not naturally drawn to spending time outside, this might entice you to take a walk in the woods in search of a moment of wildness.

Food You Can Forage was published in March 2018 by Bloomsbury books. For publicity enquiries please contact Hetty.Touquet@bloomsbury.com.