We are all consumers, but how we consume can drastically alter our effect on the planet, humans and animals. The earth is more than capable of looking after all of us, but only if we reduce carbon emissions, stop polluting, pay each other a fair wage, buy less, and invest in higher quality items. Supporting sustainable brands is one of the easiest ways to follow an ethical lifestyle, but it’s surprisingly difficult to work out which brands are truly ethical and which are greenwashed - a form of ‘green spin’ that makes a brand seem more eco-conscious than they really are.

An ethical brand might charge slightly more for its products, but this price reflects the real cost of that item. It also means the item is more likely to fit better and last longer. When you buy cheap clothes from fast fashion brands, you may think you’re paying less money, but in reality the cost is just being outsourced. When you pay less, the cost is carried by the poorest communities in the world, and by our already-fragile environment.

This directory is a growing list of the brands I have researched and believe are ethical. If you have any questions or would like to suggest another brand, please get in touch with me here. To find out more about ethical fashion, watch The True Cost documentary on Netflix.