Chasing the Sun by Linda Geddes


‘…Life flourished and grew more diverse, evolving and changing until, after another 2.4 billion years, the human species branched off. As we feasted upon the abundant plants and animals, and walked under the sun’s rays, we too assimilated starlight into the very fabric of our beings...’

Over the next few months, I’ll be gearing up for the publication of my next book Dark Skies, a book that explores our relationship with the night to see how we connect with nature after dark. I spotted this book by Linda Geddes when researching for a piece in Project Calm, and felt it was the perfect choice to compliment Dark Skies! The subtitle says it all - it’s a book about our relationship with sunlight, and how we can improve our mental and physical health by synchronising more closely with our circadian rhythms.

Chasing the Sun is a fascinating book, bursting with science that, just occasionally, is too much for my brain to handle (although it hasn’t studied a scientific subject since GCSE). Nevertheless, the overall shape of the book is easy to grasp - the importance of spending time outdoors, sleeping well, and attempting to shift our unnatural lifestyles to become more aligned with the rest of the natural world. It’s an uplifting message, and one that makes you want to get up from your desk and step out into the world - to feel the sun on your skin and recognise that our own natural rhythms are so often abandoned in favour of long days inside or sleepless nights.

In the age of self love and reconnection with nature, this is a perfect read for those of us wanting to slow down and acknowledge our place in the universe - with a whole heap of science thrown in for good measure.

Chasing the Sun by Linda Geddes is published by the Wellcome Collection and can be found here.