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I am a 26-year-old writer, artist and environmentalist from the South Downs in Hampshire, UK.

I believe a connection with nature is an integral part of the human experience, and I'm passionate about unearthing the narratives hidden within our landscapes, through writing, painting, hiking, running, swimming and on horseback. This passion has taken me from the yew forests of Sussex to the sparkling fjords of Norway, to swimming under osprey skies in the warm Arabian Sea. 

Having grown up in the South Downs, I later lived in Bristol and then London to complete my Masters in English Literature at UCL, before returning to Hampshire. For three years I worked as creative developer at Butser Ancient Farm before going freelance in March 2018.

Published Books

FOOD YOU CAN FORAGE - March 2018 (Bloomsbury)
My first book is all about foraging wild food and embracing the countryside. Foraging can seem intimidating to beginners, but in reality it can be an adventure for friends and family at any age. I wanted to present it as the relaxed and rounded hobby it is, taking you outdoors into the British countryside, and finishing with something delicious and homemade for the kitchen table. 

DARK SKIES - Summer 2019 (Bloomsbury)
My second book is a non-fiction nature memoir inspired by a year exploring the landscape at night. I visited Arctic Norway to see the Northern Lights, swam in the Helsinki archipelago under the Midnight Sun, hiked through Kingley Vale and its haunted yew forest, listened to nightjars churring, and watched a 35ft wickerman burn to the ground. 

BRITISH GOATS - July 2019 (Shire/Bloomsbury)
I am fascinated by the rich history we have with livestock in Britain, and this book will be an exploration into the history of British goats and why goatkeeping has seen such a resurgence today. 


A keen naturalist and environmentalist, I'm passionate about living in a conscious, ethical way - for my own wellbeing and for the health of the planet. I'm a honey-eating vegan, and have a particular interest in domesticated livestock and their place in a vegan world.

I work from my home studio in Hampshire, where I live with my drummer fiancé Dave and lots of plants. I'm currently available for a range of freelance writing and illustration. Please contact me here or see below for other organisations I've worked with.